Podcast: Claudio Chiste

Podcast: Rise of the Warrior Leader – Episode 1

In the minefield of leadership literature available today, this podcast provides clarity, adding fresh and unique insights to critical leadership skills and resilience. The host, Claudio Chiste, draws upon his own unique experience from an unforgiving environment, forged from his military and international corporate background.

If you want to be an effective leader and are willing to transform both yourself and your people, take this inner journey of self-reflection and discover practical tools to improve your personal and professional life.

This podcast explores what it means to be a Warrior Leader through the lens of the world’s most resilient, empathetic, inspirational, innovative, courageous leaders and people of influence. The NEW challenges brought about in these VUCA times requires a NEW approach. In his new book, Rise of the Warrior Leader, the host introduces a newly coined term, Ownership-driven Leadership.

This is to inspire Ownership for you to:

Own who you are. Own the mission. Own the result.