Rise of the Warrior Leader

In the minefield of leadership literature available today, this book provides clarity, adding fresh and unique insights to critical leadership skills. The author draws upon his own unique experience from an unforgiving environment, forged from his background in the military and the international corporate world. 

This book is for you if you:

  • - Want to be an effective leader
  • - Are willing to transform into the change you wish to see
  • - Are committed to improving the lives of those you lead

If this sounds like you and you are willing to do what it takes, you are invited to take an inner journey of self-reflection. Self-reflection is critical for leadership development. To enable you to serve selflessly to steward the potential of your people, whilst being able to adopt a warrior mentality in the face of adversity. To be a Steward-Warrior Leader. In the process, discover practical tools to:

Increase mental resilience. These unpredictable times place more demands on people mentally, emotionally, spiritually and possibly even physically. This is the 'new norm' for which mental resilience is essential.

Build a sense of trust and safety. Unlike mainstream leadership literature which tends to focus mainly on the vision of the leader, this book also focuses on the leader's ability to build trust and provide a sense of 'safety' by 'holding the space' in these times of VUCA.

Inspire Ownership-driven Leadership. The Selfless Leader sees the Collective as fellow stakeholders. In times of crisis, 'self-preservation' for the Selfless Leader is 'collective preservation', seeing the people as an extension of oneself. This book enables a sense of Ownership for you to: 

Own who you are. Own the mission. Own the result.

Rise of the Warrior Leader Book - by Claudio Chiste

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Vice-Admiral (retd) R. C. Simpson-Anderson

Former Chief of the South African Navy
Author of ‘President Mandela’s Admiral’
This book is thought-provoking and certainly a new and novel approach to the study of the art and science of leadership, building on some of the well-researched and classical works on this important subject. The concepts advanced could be of much value to anyone aspiring to assume a leadership role.

MM Potlaki

Colonel (retd), South African National Defence Force (SANDF)
I really wish I could have heard about Warrior Leadership whilst I was still in the permanent force of the South African military, especially at our own National War College.

Dr Andile M-Afrika

Writer, publisher and Director of M-Afrika Research Institute
Former lecturer Rhodes and Fort Hare University
Author of five books inspired by Steve Biko
Claudio Chiste has brought into his text two outstanding military figures who were targeted by Western literature for vilification and humiliation. Rise of the Warrior Leader is the first book to follow Chaka, the exemplary biographical work on King Shaka by Thomas Mofolo. The book Chaka endured 15 years of scrutiny, seeking to undermine African contribution, before it was finally published in 1925. Rise of the Warrior Leader chronicles the leadership qualities of Jongumsobomvu Maqoma in the face of racist accounts in colonial literature. With the addition of African leaders such as King Moshoeshoe and Rolihlahla Mandela, Claudio's work is anti-racist in character and, therefore, a critical contribution to human thinking.

Shaun Rozyn

Managing Director, Executive Education & Lifelong Learning,
The Darden School Foundation, University of Virginia (USA)
Claudio Chistè brings a new lens to the leadership domain, namely that of Warrior Steward Leadership. This book provides a systems view of how a leader and leaders can significantly impact societal, organization and individual development outcomes through leading with purpose, wisdom and courage. His emphasis on leading during times of crisis and discontinuity is especially relevant for leading in the 21st century.

Dr Roger Prentis

Partner of consultancy RDP International,
Special Advisor, House of Lords (England, UK)
The Warrior Steward Leadership model provides a fresh perspective on leadership. In recent times, we have seen a resurgence in awareness of Servant Leadership and VUCA. However, this new model brings an Ownership-driven approach with actionable principles which can be easily implemented. The model focuses on personal and organisational culture to bring about group cohesion and a focus on the team. This enables adaptation and implementation, in order to adapt and effect change in these times of chaos and complexity. These principles are applicable across multiple sectors, be it corporate, sports, government, politics, military and our day to day lives.

Dr Albert Wort

Qualification Leader - Personal Professional Leadership,
Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management,
University of Johannesburg (South Africa)
It has been my privilege to have a journey with the author. My knowledge of Claudio, coupled with our friendship, has only enriched my life. As our relationship grew, he engaged with his background knowledge and further study into leadership. His conceptual understanding into leadership is not only contextually valid but also applicable within current reality. The gems he has excavated in his research lead to the establishing of conceptual models that have a great relevance to leadership as a discipline. The author has furthermore drawn on data that will give the content good applicability in the leadership context. The leadership content provided by the author is not only relevant but also very timely in the context of the worldwide leadership challenge. While there is no ‘quick fix’ with regard to our leadership challenge, I do believe that his work will have a significant benefit in the process. Congratulations with your work!
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