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Claudio is the CEO of the Centre for Leadership & Coaching. He has served as the Chairman of Coaches & Mentors of South Africa (Comensa) for the Western Cape, the Comensa Social & Ethics Committee and as President of the Cape Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA). He is a certified Master NLP Practitioner and Master Life Coach.

Claudio’s intrinsic values have influenced his belief in making a difference for the common good, by helping others to adopt a mindset of resilience, and engendering a culture which embraces leadership, regardless of seniority. Claudio is a firm believer that nothing is instant, only instant coffee, results take time. The important thing is to progress, creating non-intimidating micro-goals on a daily basis.

His varied background allows him to have a multi-angled approach, with a background as a leader whilst a combat officer in the South African Navy, and as a specialist banker in London with Investec Bank, during which time he was in charge of an international award-wining business association focused on promoting both business and the next generation, called Shipping Professional Network London (SPNL) serving as chairman for 8 years.

He has a Master of Science from City, University of London, B. Comm (Hons) from University of Cape Town and a Bachelor in Military Science majoring in Mathematics and Nautical Science from the SA Military Academy, Stellenbosch University.


Claudio Chiste,

Coach, Author and Speaker

Claudio Chiste - Crans Montana

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Inspiring Ownership-driven Leadership

Rise of the Warrior Leader

In the minefield of leadership literature available today, this book provides clarity, adding fresh and unique insights to critical leadership skills. Drawing upon his own unique experience from an unforgiving environment, forged from his background in the military and the international corporate world.

You are invited to take an inner journey of self-reflection. Self-reflection is critical for leadership development. To enable you to serve selflessly to steward the potential of your people, whilst being able to adopt a warrior mentality in the face of adversity. To be a Steward-Warrior Leader. In the process, discover practical tools to:

Increase mental resilience. These unpredictable times place more demands on people mentally, emotionally, spiritually and possibly even physically. This is the ‘new norm’ for which mental resilience is essential.

Build a sense of trust and safety. Unlike mainstream leadership literature which tends to focus mainly on the vision of the leader, this book also focuses on the leader’s ability to build trust and provide a sense of ‘safety’ by ‘holding the space’ in these times of VUCA.

Inspire Ownership-driven Leadership. The Selfless Leader sees the Collective as fellow stakeholders. In times of crisis, ‘self-preservation’ for the Selfless Leader is ‘collective preservation’, seeing the people as an extension of oneself. This book enables a sense of Ownership for you to:

Own who you are. Own the mission. Own the result.

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Inspiring keynotes that engage and strengthen organisations

This keynote explores the concept of mental toughness and compares it to the mindset of a warrior. It emphasises the need to become a warrior in the challenging times we live in, in order to rise above victimhood and achieve victory, even if it's an internal victory over personal life tragedies. Becoming a warrior is achievable and not as complicated as it may seem. This keynote inspires listeners to develop key resilience and leadership skills and emphasizes the importance of progress through daily non-intimidating micro-goals, acknowledging that results take time and nothing is instant.

This keynote explores the transformation of leadership mindset from being a servant to becoming a warrior, being able to adapt according to the context. Delve deeper into the concept of ownership-driven leadership and the importance of taking ownership and responsibility for your actions and decisions. This keynote inspires and encourages individuals to adopt a warrior mindset, embracing challenges and proactively leading with a sense of purpose and determination. It highlights the shift from a passive role of serving others to a proactive role of taking charge and driving positive change. Ultimately, the keynote aims to empower individuals to embrace their inner warrior and become leaders who make a significant impact in their respective fields.

This keynote explores the concept of ownership-driven leadership as a key factor in navigating and succeeding in an ever-changing world. It highlights the need for leaders to take ownership and responsibility for their actions, decisions, and the outcomes they create. By embracing ownership, leaders can adapt to and thrive in dynamic environments, leading their teams through uncertainty and driving positive change. The keynote emphasises the importance of developing a sense of ownership at both individual and organisational levels, fostering accountability, resilience, and innovative thinking. It aims to inspire and equip leaders with the mindset and skills needed to effectively lead in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

This keynote delves into the critical role of fostering a culture of ownership and performance within an organisation. it emphasises the significance of instilling a sense of ownership among employees, where each individual takes personal responsibility for their work, actions, and outcomes. By creating such a culture, the organisation can cultivate a high-performance environment where individuals are motivated to excel and contribute their best efforts. The keynote explores strategies and practical approaches to establish and nurture this culture, including setting clear expectations, providing meaningful feedback and recognition, fostering collaboration, and aligning individual goals with the organization's objectives. The speech aims to inspire leaders and managers to create an environment that empowers employees to take ownership and achieve outstanding results, ultimately driving the organisation's success.


Inspiring a Warrior Mindset

Claudio’s philosophy is built on the Warrior Ethos which serves as a code of conduct laying a framework of values to guide behaviour and a Warrior Mindset. This revolves around:

The mechanics of the philosophy can be described as an Ownership-driven Leadership approach. The starting point is the Ownership Triad.

Ownership Triad

Owning who you are involves self-acceptance and self-reflection. Owning the result is about accepting the result regardless of the outcome, which is characterised by a no-blame culture. However, owning the mission requires the leader to be both a servant and a warrior. A servant to steward people towards their potential (Steward-Leader), whilst being prepared to take on challenges (Warrior). 


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